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The HVAC-R industry has unlimited growth potential for dedicated individuals!

career opportunities

Why is an HVAC-R education worth your time? It lays the foundation for a stable, rewarding career in a highly respected field. Graduates of MEMA Technical Education Center’s programs find work and continued advancement, either in family-owned oil and propane dealerships, with large distributors or at businesses somewhere in between.

From Kittery to Hamlin and Bar Harbor to Sanford, Maine families and businesses depend on HVAC-R professionals with MTEC training. Right now, hundreds of industry openings with terrific benefits are waiting to be filled by qualified people, and that number is increasing.

HVAC-R stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. These systems are responsible for up to half of annual energy consumption in residential and commercial properties. Energy sources for the HVAC-R industry involve oilheat, propane, and natural gas, as well as a range of electric sources.

Since households and businesses depend on the HVAC-R industry to heat and cool spaces, generate hot water, preserve and prepare food, and a range of other necessities, employment in the sector is incredibly secure and growing daily. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the creation of more than 400,000 new HVAC-R jobs in this decade!

These roles include:

  • HVAC-R systems service and installation technicians
  • Equipment and energy sales representatives
  • Customer-service specialists
  • Bookkeeping and finance positions
  • Truck mechanics and drivers

If you want fulfilling, challenging work in a trade with incredible room for advancement, the HVAC-R sector is for you!

We know that starting out on a career search can be stressful — especially if you aren’t sure what a job is going to be like day-to-day.

MTEC can help you remove a lot of uncertainty from your job search with our Ride to Decide program.
We will connect you with an HVAC-R professional and MTEC grad in your local community. You can spend the day with this HVAC-R technician as they answer service calls and solve customer issues. At the end of the day, you’ll have a good idea of what working in this sector entails. You can make an informed decision about enrolling in one of our training programs.

At MTEC, our training programs are developed and supported by industry leaders and the HVAC-R companies that count on us for the next generation of professionals. The hands-on education you receive here prepares you to work in the field, plus it can significantly reduce your apprenticeship time and help you pass state certification exams.

Our programs include:

  • HVAC-R Professional Certification. This full-spectrum four-month training curriculum is a combination of all our programs.
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. This three-week training program includes EPA Certification, Basic AC-R training and Heat Pump Training that is approved by Efficiency Maine.
  • Oilheat Technician Training. You can complete this training in six weeks and reduce your apprenticeship period by half.
  • Propane and Natural Gas Training. You can complete this training in six weeks as well, with additional specialty courses.

We also have a slate of state exam prep courses and one- and two-day training sessions, as well as Commercial Food Equipment Service Training.

We work with you throughout the process to put you in the best position to pass your state certification exams.

Connect with a network of 300 HVAC-R companies in Maine

Our school partners with the Maine Energy Marketers Association and its network of companies in the Pine Tree State and throughout New England. These companies count on MTEC for skilled, committed graduates.

Over 90% of MTEC graduates find placement in an HVAC-R position after completing our program. Many students even have job offers before they are finished! You can read about some of our students success stories. We are committed to helping you get your foot in the door and wow potential employers with your skills and knowledge.

Have more questions about the HVAC-R industry? Interested in taking a Ride to Decide? Reach out today through this website to talk to an MTEC team member.

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