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Do you want a secure, well-paying career that makes a real difference in your community? Are you seeking a challenging, engaging job that won’t leave you trapped at a desk? The HVAC-R industry might be just what you’re looking for.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the United States will add more than 400,000 new HVAC jobs this decade. Employers need candidates with advanced training to fill these roles, and the MEMA Technical Education Center has the best HVAC school to give you a full-spectrum education.

HVAC-R Professional Certification is MTEC’s most popular, and most comprehensive, course of study. Developed strategically by instructors with decades of experience in the industry, our HVAC-R Pro course unites the training of our Oilheat Technician, Propane and Natural Gas Technician and A/C and Refrigeration courses.

Students who complete this intensive program are prepared for a career in a fast-growing industry — and they are the most in-demand prospects for HVAC-R jobs.

You can complete this program in four months and be on the fast track for all your Maine state certifications. HVAC-R Pro offers:

  • A comprehensive overview of the industry
  • Hands-on instruction in our state-of-the-art lab facility
  • Installation and service skills for today’s central A/C and heat pump systems
  • Skills and safety training for oil, natural gas and propane heating systems
  • Refrigeration processes
  • Everything you need to know to pass your certification exams!

Classes in the HVAC-R Pro Program

The HVAC-R Professional Certification track incorporates the full suite of training for A/C, refrigeration, heat pumps, oilheat, propane and natural gas. Here are the classes you will take as part of the program:

This class provides the knowledge you need to pass the Maine Journeyman’s Oil Burner exam. You’ll have hands-on training in our state-of-the-art lab with modern high-efficiency equipment, as well as video-simulated operations, classroom lectures and discussions.

This is an enhanced version of the National Propane Association’s industry-standard Certified Employee Training Program (CETP). While CETP is often taught as a textbook course, MTEC has expanded the curriculum to include hands-on training. This class prepares students to take the Maine Propane and Natural Gas exams for Appliance Connection & Service.

Students in this class receive a personal Samsung tablet with codebooks and other course material, courtesy of MTEC.

This class is an enhanced version of the National Propane Association’s industry-standard Certified Employee Training Program (CETP). While CETP is often taught as a textbook course, MTEC has expanded the curriculum to include hands-on training. The purpose of this class is to prepare students to take the Maine State Propane and Natural Gas Exams for tank setter and outside piping technicians.

As the name suggests, this class provides an overview of air conditioning processes and covers EPA Section 608 Certification (necessary to handle and purchase refrigerants). MTEC also provides classroom space for taking the exam.

This hands-on course covers regulations for and safe handling of flammable refrigerants, including hydrocarbon and A2L refrigerants.

With this class on A/C and heat pump troubleshooting, you’ll take a deep dive into the installation and service of today’s energy-efficient cooling equipment. We cover how to equip and remove gauges from machines and how to recover, evacuate, recharge and pressure-test refrigerant.

This training course covers the installation and service of today’s high-efficiency heat pump systems, including Mitsubishi, Samsung, Daikin and Haier products. It meets the training requirements for you to become a registered vendor through Efficiency Maine and be eligible for rebates.

This two-day class covers the process of sizing and installing a combination gas furnace/heat pump. We examine several equipment brands and identify the similarities and specific installation requirements. We also cover zoning with dampers and ductwork installation requirements.

This one-day hands-on class covers common issues experienced in the field for both gas and oil-burning equipment — and how they can be resolved. We perform actual combustion testing using different brands of equipment.

This is a one-day hands-on class that encompasses properly installing and setting up powered and power-sharing thermostats. We will review thermostats from Nest, Ecobee, Lyric T-6 and more. Working in the lab, you will learn to connect each of these thermostats to oil and gas-fired equipment.

What makes the HVAC-R Professional Certification Program better than other training?

First and foremost, MTEC is guided and supported by 300 member companies in Maine and across the Northeast. HVAC-R leaders have developed this program specifically to train tomorrow’s best technicians. These companies helped form the curriculum and provide current equipment for our hands-on lab.

Secondly, 100% of your time will be focused on training for your trade. There are no “gen. ed.” or filler classes.
As an HVAC-R Certification student, you’ll have access to this network of HVAC-R companies. Many of our students have a job offer before completing the program!

Do I need prior training to take the HVAC-R Certification?

Not at all. We have designed this program so that committed, hardworking students can start with little or no technical knowledge and receive a comprehensive education in the course of a semester.

How long does completing the HVAC-R Certification program take?

You can finish your courses and lab work in about four months and be on your way to beginning an apprenticeship, taking your state exams and earning money as an HVAC-R professional!

How will this program give me a head start in an HVAC-R career?

The MTEC program puts you on the fast track to state certification and offers many advantages as you start your career.

  • When you complete the HVAC-R Pro courses, you earn a 200-H our Oil Heat Certificate that reduces your required apprenticeship time from 2,000 hours to 1,000.
  • You’ll have the skills and specialized knowledge needed to pass the Maine State Journeyman Oil Burner Exam, the State Propane and Natural Gas Exam, the Tank Installer Certification and the EPA Certification Exam.
  • Your heat pump training meets the requirements for Efficiency Maine.
  • Your propane and natural gas training meets the standards of the National Propane Association’s Certified Employee Training Program (CETP).

Can MTEC help me with lodging and expenses?

MTEC has a low-cost lodging arrangement with a high-quality hotel less than a mile from campus. We can also help direct you to financial assistance options.

What are your registration and refund policies?

You can read them in detail here.

Class Name Cost Starts Ends
HVAC-R Professional Program Member: $12,700.00; Non-Member: $13,900.00 January 8, 2024 March 29, 2024
HVAC-R Professional Program Member: $12,700.00; Non-Member: $13,900.00 April 1, 2024 June 28, 2024
HVAC-R Professional Program Member: $12,700.00; Non-Member: $13,900.00 July 8, 2024 September 27, 2024
HVAC-R Professional Program Member: $12,700.00; Non-Member: $13,900.00 September 30, 2024 December 20, 2024

Enroll today and begin the journey to a fulfilling HVAC-R career!

Whether you’re just beginning your career or making a change to a new chapter in your professional life, MTEC can give you the training you need to succeed!

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