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Whether you want to become licensed with the State of Maine for technical work involving oilheat, propane or natural gas, the MEMA Technical Education Center has the resources you need to prepare for your exams.

Passing Maine’s state certification exams opens a world of professional possibilities. The 300 member companies that partner with MTEC are constantly searching for dedicated technicians who have their certifications. But these exams require specific training to pass.

We offer exam prep courses as part of our various programs, but you can also take these courses on their own. Here are the state exam prep classes that MTEC offers:

This one-day class prepares both apprentice and journeyman technicians for their Maine Oil Burner License exam. The materials are relevant for both levels’ exams for up to 15 gallons per hour.

We’ve developed study material using guidelines from Prov, Maine’s testing agency. The course covers the following:

  • Maine Fuel Board laws and rules
  • NFPA 31 Oil burner installation standard
  • NORA Silver Technicians manual
  • NFPA 211 chimneys and fireplaces
  • NFPA 70 national electric code
  • NFPA 90 B installation of warm air heating and air conditioning
  • NFPA 30 and 88A repair garage and parking garage codes
  • Uniform Plumbing Code

As an MTEC student, you’ll receive handout materials to simplify the codebooks and identify where to focus your study time.

This one-day class prepares technicians for the Maine State Propane and Natural Gas exam, focusing on appliance connection and service technicians.

A one-day class that prepares students for the state Propane and Natural Gas exam for tank setter and outside piping technicians.

A one-day class that prepares students for the state Propane and Natural Gas exam for delivery technicians.

MTEC is there for you every step of the way.

Having trained countless students for satisfying and secure careers in the HVAC-R sector, we know that arranging and taking Maine’s state certification exams can be stressful. Even scheduling one can be complicated.

So, we are there all the way through the process. We can assist you in scheduling your exam, even if you need to complete an apprenticeship period first. We even provide classroom space for you to take it in!

Do you have questions about our state exam prep options? Our administrative team is available and ready to help you find the right course. Drop us a line any time.

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