Success Stories

MTEC students advance to find rich, fulfilling careers in the HVAC-R field

success stories

The men and women attending the MEMA Technical Education Center come from a range of backgrounds. They’re at different places in their professional lives.

Many of our students have just graduated from high school and choose to bypass a four-year college in favor of a career in the trades.

Others have been working in another sector and recognize career opportunities in the HVAC-R industry.

We also proudly welcome many people transitioning out of the armed forces. Working with a heating and cooling company is an excellent way to keep serving your community.

What do all these people have in common? They all understand the value of learning a useful, rewarding trade at MTEC, and they’re all on a pathway to success in the growing HVAC-R field.

Realize your fullest potential

At MTEC, we take pride in our world-class facility, with its state-of-the-art hands-on lab space. We conduct our training using today’s high-efficiency equipment. But the greatest asset we have is our driven, dynamic student body. By coming to MTEC, you are joining a welcoming community committed to your success. We will help you tap into your potential and achieve your goals.

It begins in the classroom and lab, where you’ll master a trade, assisted by instructors who are authorities in their profession.

It continues with exam prep. We will ensure that you schedule your exam at the earliest opportunity and provide you with the tools to pass.

Finally, we help you connect with the 300+ HVAC-R businesses that support MTEC and which come to us first when they need new, highly skilled team members. These companies value the comprehensive training our graduates bring to the companies they join. One business owner recently told us:

“Thank you for recommending us to two of your recent graduates. They are both great additions to our group here, and we are so thankful.

The level of knowledge they are coming out of school with is impressive, and it’s setting them up for success in the future. We are really assembling a great group of techs and we couldn’t do it without instructors like you and MTEC.” Abby Alden, Lake Region Energy

New jobs are being created in the HVAC-R industry every day, and we want to ensure that you have the support you need for filling one of those open positions and thriving in an exciting career.

See how our graduates turn an MTEC education into a secure, fulfilling vocation

Over and over, we hear from our graduates how rewarding their work is. Not only are there plenty of great positions out there for them; these jobs are constantly engaging and genuinely matter to homes and businesses in Maine.

As you can see, a job in the heating and cooling sector is about more than a paycheck. It’s about being an integral part of your community and helping families and businesses thrive. Hundreds of students complete our programs each year and find work in the HVAC-R sector. Meet some of our grads:

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