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Are you seeking focused, challenging technical education without unnecessary “filler” courses?

Career training in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration field offers boundless possibilities for recent high school graduates as well as for working professionals who want to make a career change. Maine HVAC-R companies are always looking for strong candidates for highly skilled positions. They know that graduates of the MEMA Technical Education Center will deliver a stellar performance.

A fast-track, hands-on education at MTEC prepares you for a well-compensated job keeping Maine families warm and businesses moving.

The HVAC-R sector has virtually limitless growth opportunities

Cumulatively, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration comprise up to half of all residential and commercial energy use. The HVAC-R sector is integral to Maine’s economy — and the national economy too. The United States is on its way to adding more than 400,000 new HVAC-R jobs this decade. There is no shortage of career opportunities for workers in this field. If you have the dedication to complete our programs, we will help you find a rewarding vocation.

And people who are serious about finding work in this industry choose MTEC. Our curriculum was developed by HVAC-R industry leaders, and our school is supplied and supported by a network of 300 Maine companies.

Ride and Decide before you enroll

Many young people are unsure of which path to pursue at the start of their professional journey. We want you to be able to make an informed decision before enrolling at MTEC, and our Ride and Decide program can help. We will connect you with an MTEC grad who is an HVAC-R professional in your area. You can ride along with them for the day and get an idea of what working in the HVAC-R industry is like.

MTEC training is the first step in a successful career

Our graduates constantly tell us how engaging and rewarding they find their career in heating and cooling services. They aren’t trapped behind a desk. Instead, they’re in the field helping Mainers stay comfortable and safe. We love sharing their success stories and keeping you updated on the latest news.

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