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According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 60% of Maine’s households use oilheat to stay warm and safe during our notoriously frosty winters. That’s a higher percentage of oil-heated homes than in any other state!

Today’s oilheat industry is light-years more advanced, efficient and eco-friendly than in decades past, and trained oilheat technicians are seriously in demand.

With this in mind, the Maine Energy Marketers Association and the MEMA Technical Education Center have developed the state’s most comprehensive oil technician training. Master-level instructors teach our Oilheat Technician Training program to prepare you for a successful career in a stable, growth-oriented sector.

In only five weeks, you will earn your certificate of completion and be on the fast track to passing your state Journeyman’s Oil Burner exam.

MTEC Oilheat Technician Training classes have extensive hands-on learning in our lab. You will work with the latest equipment, participate in video-simulated operations and attend classroom lectures and discussions. How does MTEC provide access to today’s efficient oil-fired equipment? Because of our connection with MEMA, we receive high-tech systems from manufacturers and can incorporate up-to-the-minute energy conservation practices used by professionals in the field.

As an MTEC graduate, you will have connections to the network of more than 300 member companies in Maine and throughout New England. These companies are always looking for qualified, skilled oil technicians. You’ll be in the best possible position to find work in the oilheat industry!

Earn while you learn!

Everyone has different responsibilities. At MTEC, we appreciate that and provide alternative scheduling options to meet your unique requirements. We offer evening classes so that you can receive our comprehensive, hands-on oilheat technician education while still working a day job or attending to other responsibilities. We also help with resources for financial assistance and lodging.

Curious how our oilheat technician training can fit into your busy schedule? Contact our office today, and an MTEC administrator can help guide you through your options and get you registered!

This is one of our fastest-track programs. Students have the following instruction:

Oil Technician Training

With this class you will gain the knowledge you need to pass the Maine Journeyman’s Oil Burner exam. You’ll have hands-on training in our state-of-the-art lab with leading high-efficiency equipment. There are also video-simulated operations, as well as classroom lectures and discussions.

You can learn more about the oil burner exam on our exam prep page.

The energy space has evolved quite a bit over the years, and oilheat is no exception.

Today’s heating oil is cleaner and more efficient. Products like Bioheat® fuel — a mix of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and organic biodiesel — are leading the way in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Bioheat fuel is also easier on heating equipment, which makes oilheat customers much happier.

Learn more about how oilheat is fueling the future.

How much time can I save with MTEC’s Oilheat Technician Training?

Our program provides comprehensive training while minimizing the time it takes to get your Journeyman’s Oil Burner certification and get working. You can complete the training in five weeks, after which you will have a 200-Hour Oil Heat Certificate, which cuts your required apprenticeship time by HALF!

Plus, our dedicated staff will stay in touch with you to ensure that you schedule your state Journeyman’s Oil Burner exam as early as possible. We’ll also offer classroom space at MTEC for you to take the test.

Can MTEC help me with lodging and expenses?

We work with a highly-rated hotel less than a mile from campus. It provides discounted lodging for our students. We also direct students toward financial assistance options.

What are your registration and refund policies?

You can read them in detail here.

Class Name Cost Starts Ends
Maine State Oilburner Exam Prep Member: $199.00; Non-Member: $299.00 June 15, 2024
Oilheat Technician Training Member: $4,575.00; Non-Member: $4,975.00 July 8, 2024 August 9, 2024
Oilheat Technician Training Member: $4,575.00; Non-Member: $4,975.00 August 26, 2024 September 27, 2024
Oilheat Technician Training – Night Class Member: $4,575.00; Non-Member: $4,975.00 September 3, 2024 November 21, 2024
Maine State Oilburner Exam Prep Member: $199.00; Non-Member: $299.00 October 12, 2024

Your future as a certified oilheat technician begins with MTEC!

We are ready to help you start your journey toward a more rewarding, stable and profitable career. MTEC is proud to serve recent high school graduates, veterans, people changing career paths and industry professionals looking to build up their skill set.

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